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About the author

Patrick Neil Creech

Patrick has been in sales and marketing since he was a small child, and discovered the lemonade stand, then progressing on to a door to door candy kid. At 15 years old, he was a "floor supervisor" of a place in Colorado Springs, CO., called FutureCall Telemarketing West that sold credit cards over the telephone. At 21, he started a business called Advanced Advertising Concepts, a door to door sales venture, that cleared him $30,000 his first 3 weeks in business. Most recently Mr. Creech has operated 4 eBay stores that cleared him $1500 - $2000 per week regularly, which he briefly covers in the book, while he cleared $100k per year at his day job, selling of all things, ink and toner. He is also working on a series of 7 books and 4 pieces of affiliate marketing software, scheduled to release Oct. 1st of this year.

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